Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile

I want to welcome people coming to my blog from my daughter's blog Pumpkin Patch Quilter. It is really nice of you all to come here. I haven't been keeping up with Etsy like I should have. I have been busy selling lawn furniture I make. ( I had one fellow order four Adirondack Chairs from me and that kept me busy for awhile making them.) I made the box pictured above about a week ago and thought I would post it here for you to see. I did a similar one in green. I will most likely sell it at a Craft Fair, but if you are interested in it just send me an email and I will quickly post it on Etsy. (I do all my sales here through Etsy, even though I'm not listing anything at present. One nice thing is you can buy with Paypal on Etsy.) I will try to keep my listings up to date both on here and Etsy, but if I fall a bit behind please forgive me.