Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Recipe Box . . .

I am really enjoying this style of painting. It is fun to think up different motifs to paint.

The other day I decided to make things from now on that I like to make and not worry about selling them. I want to have fun, instead of always thinking of a way to make a buck.

Here's a couple more views of the box above:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Really Wild Recipe Box!!!

Here is a pic of the Recipe Box I just finished painting. The photo is a little dark, but it kind of gives an idea of what it looks like. I really had fun painting this box. I have one more that I made last summer that I am going to paint next.

Below is a pic of the inside of the box. I painted it up as well. I hope to take this box to a craft show soon and see if it sells.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finally Made the Move -- Farewell Co op!!!

Well, last Saturday my daughter and I moved my stuff out of the Co op and brought it home to my house. I hemmed and hawed for many months as to whether I should stay or leave. I would change my mind 20 times a week. I finally made my decision last Friday, and made the move Saturday morning. Thanks Val for your help . . . I couldn't have pulled out without your help.

I will still make stuff to sell, but am going to try Craft Shows instead. Crafts didn't really sell all that well at the Co op, although I sold the black Kidney Shaped Bench and another brown bench last week. It seems that plain ones sell there real well -- the ones with painted flowers sit there for ages and ages.

I am working on a Recipe Box and hope to post that in a day or so. I made the box last summer and have finally got around to painting and finishing it.