Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just sold a custom box on Etsy

I have been spending alot of time refining and learning how to do my Etsy Shop lately. One thing that I've found is that there are alot of people who want custom orders. The box above is a custom order that a lady in Kansas ordered from me last week. She wanted this particular type of flower on the box, and I worked out a pleasing design for her, that she liked. She was giving the box to her mother-in-law as a gift. I had fun doing the box, and it was kind of a challenge to come up with a pleasing design. Fortunately, she gave me free reign to come up with a pleasing design and didn't put a whole lot of restrictions on me. She was very easy to work with and I hope we do business again someday. If you are interested in a special design, convo me at my Etsy shop and let's discuss what you want.