Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Yellow Bench I Made

I told Val I would post a picture of the yellow bench I made. Here it is. I put white flowers on it and they look better in person than they do in the photograph at the right.
I have been selling these benches for $35 but my mother and wife say I should increase the price to $45. I'm afraid to do that as I may price myself out of selling them.
I tried to give up the Adirondack Chair business but a lady stopped yesterday and ordered two chairs, two footstools and a table, and I didn't even have my sign up out by the road --- I had taken it down. I guess I have to make the chairs whether I want to or not. I like the money though.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A New Post -- Finally!!!

Well, this is the first Post I've entered in my blog in a couple months. I have been busy building things, but just haven't got around to posting stuff. My daughter says she wants to see the stuff I make, so in alot of ways I am posting the stuff for her to see.

Here is a picket bench I made that seemed to be popular. The first one I gave to my daughter as a gift because she wanted one. I sold two more of them and gave a fourth one to my mother.
I would make more, but they take alot of wood to construct and it is difficult to get wood lately, as this is the height of the construction season.

I have curtailed the Adirondack Chair business for awhile. I have made 34 of them and am a little burned out on them. Instead, I am concentrating on products to sell at a nearby Antique and Craft Co-op.

One thing that seems to sell well at the Co-op are large benches. I showed one a few Posts back that had purple flowers on the top. I just made one that I painted with the flowers seen above. I also made a yellow one with white flowers, but it isn't pictured here.
Well, that's all for right now. I will make another post in a few days.