Monday, September 2, 2013

(Bob) More Small Folk Style Painted Boxes . . .

I put together 7 boxes yesterday and got them ready for painting. They don't take me long to make and my new table saw really helps me get the job done quickly.  One feature I like about my saw is that I can hook the shop vac up to it and cut down on the dust flying around the garage.  I have also rigged up a makeshift way to suck up dust on my belt sander, using duck tape, as there isn't a port for a vacuum. I must confess that I'm not really a woodworker, but do put together simple stuff that I can paint up.  My daughter says I am more of a painter than a woodworker.  I think she's right. I have spent many years practicing drawing and painting and maybe I can now call myself a painter without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious.  I have been selling quite a few things I've done in the Folk Art style, and I think I will continue with that line of painting for awhile.

Here is a picture of how I painted up the first box in the batch I just made.  I still have to put the hardware on it and seal it, but it is mostly done.  It is an updated version of one that I did a few months ago.  I brightened the colors up a bit on this one.  As long as I don't put the two boxes side by side I don't think anyone will notice. --Bob