Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Personal Word from Me . . .

I think I've been focusing this blog a little too much on my Etsy Shop lately. Sorry about that. I just wanted to build up sales in my shop and thought my blog readers might want to go there and buy something. I'll try to be a little less "Etsy Fanatical" in the future.

I'm kind of jealous of my daughter's blog though. She writes such interesting posts and puts in such imaginative photos. I think I focus too much on making money. That's me however. I like to make money with my crafts and creations. I have no use for tons of boxes or footstools sitting around the house -- so I have found it best for me to create things and then sell them. That way I can enjoy the creative process and make a little money to boot. Maybe you feel the same about crafting as I do. If you do, I'd love to read your comments.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Discount Etsy Coupon for Visitors to this Blog

If you go to my Etsy Shop and make a purchase, you can get a 10% DISCOUNT on your order by entering the following coupon code when you make the purchase: BOBSBLOG41

This coupon discounts the cost of the item only and does not discount shipping. Coupon may be applied to sale items for additional savings. Coupon is good for a limited time and will expire at midnight February 29, 2011, so if you want to buy something from my shop, take advantage of this discount now.

Thanks for coming to my blog and hope to do business with you at Etsy.