Tuesday, August 4, 2009

2 x 4 Furniture Can Be Fun!!!

I didn't design this bench. It is a pattern from a 2 x 4 furniture book that I bought at the local co op for a couple dollars. 2 x 4 furniture is simple furniture you build using standard lumber dimensions. I didn't build it to impress anyone, but to sell. I made another one just like it that I left the hearts off of, and put the two benches out by the road to see if they sell. I have had some people stop and price them already. I am asking $60 for this bench, and $55 for the one without hearts. I didn't think that was very much money, but a few people gagged at the prices. There is a danger when you put stuff out by the road in that people tend to think the stuff should be sold at yard sale prices. Not everyone acts that way, but alot of people do. I also designed, built and painted a coffee table to go with the round red table below that has roses painted on it. It didn't turn out very good, so I broke it up and put it in the garbage.