Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Second Attempt at Folk Art

This is my second attempt at Folk Art painting. I used an Early American Design. I have a problem with the brushes though -- they don't want to come to a point when I make the comma strokes. If anyone out there who reads this has any suggestions as to how I can get the brushes to come to a point, I would appreciate the comment. Maybe my paint is too thick or the brushes stink.


Valerie said...

Oh I think it looks very nice Dad! I especially think the little strawberry is just adorable. :) Unfortunately I'm no help regarding the brush, but I hope someone will have a suggestion for you. :)

Kerri said...

Hi..I was looking at your blog.. Nice work :-)

I used to teach Folk Art and I had so many people say they had trouble getting their brush to come to a point. The method I taught them was to gently roll the brush in their fingers as they painted the comma stroke. It seems to bring all the hairs into a nice point.